Over the past year or two I've been researching buying a racing kart, which presents many challenges; one of which is finding a way to transport the kart to the track.

At first, I thought I would need some huge SUV or truck, or pay someone a lot to transport and/or store the kart for me, because at the few club kart events I'd been to, that's what everyone seemed to have.

But after researching and asking on ekartingnews here and here and here, I found it was possible to transport a kart in a smaller vehicle. In fact, the vehicles people transported karts in (fitting the whole kart into the interior of the car) include a Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Celica and Toyota Prius! Also, a small open trailer which costs only a few hundred dollars or less and weighs a few hundred pounds or less can be towed by pretty much any vehicle, and since a kart typically weights less then 200 pounds, transporting one on a roof rack is also possible.

check out the threads for some impressive transporting pics.

Although buying a kart is likely on hold for me at least for this year as I'm finalizing some other racing plans, it's still good information to know. More on those other plans soon...